100 Greatest Television Series

98: Fringe

Posted in 2000s,Dramas,Greatest TV Series,Sci=Fi by Kirsten on July 24, 2009
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I know some people are going to get on my case about having Fringe on my list. It’s only a season old, it struggled all last season, it seems  to be one of those shows you love or you hate, I’m still in the middle of catching up on all the episodes I missed during the season…

Yeah, well, awesome is awesome. Bite me.

It does remind me a bit of The X-Files, with it’s clinical tone and whacked out nut bar teamed with more grounded federal agents. It deals with similar phenomena as well- the unexplained aspects of the universe that human nature dictates we need to find answers for. I can tell you right now that it took me  a while to get into it, just like with The X-Files, even with the still adorable and surprisingly compelling Joshua Jackson in the cast ( granted, I was always more a Pacey girl than a Dawson girl, but I digress).

Ultimately, it’s among a new breed of Sci-Fi shows, that mixes self contained mythology, high concept drama, oddball humor, stunning visuals, and gutsy story telling. J.J. Abrams is so effing gutsy, the final shot of the season finale showed *SPOILER ALERT* the Twin Towers still standing in NYC ( and a great reveal of Leonard Nimoy as William Bell, which was too frickin’ awesome to bear). This show is great. Don’t try and tell me otherwise.